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Child of the Covenant - Reader Reviews

Tricia W

As soon as I started reading it I felt like I was with friends who I was very glad to hear about.  Silly to some but I think you'll understand.  Your second book was every bit as exciting and enjoyable and the first and cannot wait for the third.

Sherri W

This was a very interesting story, and as I was getting into it I realized that I need to go find the first book to understand some of the things going on between all the characters. That being said, Kim Gravell had a way of describing things that made me feel as though I was right there with the characters. There were some twists that I figured were coming, but still made me catch my breath. And some that I didn’t see coming at all and had me gasping in shock.
To use a constant saying from my 11th Grade English Lit teacher (replacing name of course)....Well done Ms. Gravell, well done.

Erika M

Wow, what a book!  Only just managed to finish it this afternoon, stuff having got in the way of reading time in the last few days. Absolutely loved it. 
Kim Gravell writes so descriptively, it's like being there and experiencing it first hand or at second best watching a film.  I've no idea where she gets her ideas from, but she makes things seem so plausible, especially the preparation and fight against the demon.  If I closed my eyes I could see Eldritch's sigils hanging in the air...


Kim Gravell is a hidden gem of a writer. Only rarely have I come across writing of this quality. Reading her books is like watching a movie inside your head, you live the experiences of the characters. If I visited the locations or could meet the characters they would be instantly recognisable. A superb sequel to The Demon's Call and, if possible, even more gripping. I have even stayed up late to fit in a couple of extra chapters. I was not a fan of thrillers and found most supernatural tales to be passe and trite, sci fi being my genre, but Kim has convinced and converted me. Whatever else you read these two books have to be included.


As with the first book gripping story I am unable to put it down.

Alan A

Deep, Dark, twisting and turning - a real 'can't put it down' book!! Come on Kim and deliver book 3 ......

Deborah S

I enjoyed 'The Demon's Call' so much, that I was eager to read the next book in the Dark places sequence, 'Child of the Covenant'. The story continues and is even more exciting and frightening than the first part. Gwyn, Aidan and Eldritch struggle to stop the demon breaking through into our world. Do they succeed? Do they all survive the trauma of the task? No, I am no going to spoil it for you. It is a great read by an excellent Author. I am really looking forward to reading more books by Kim Gravell in the future.

Nicolas L-A

This book continues the story begun in "The Demo's Call' and is every bit as gripping and well written as its predecessor. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Janet H

Excellent sequel.

Wishing Shelf Book Awards

An exciting supernatural thriller.


‘Exciting story. Starts strongly with plenty of pace. Slackens off a little in the middle but the ending is excellent. Characters develop a little during the story; secondary characters underdeveloped. Cover was very poor, particularly for such a good book. Enjoyed it.’ Female reader, aged 42


‘I enjoyed The Demon’s Call more but this was a good sequel. Plenty happening, tons of pace. Gwyn was my favourite character.’ Male reader, aged 19


‘The myths and legends undercurrent works well. I got pretty absorbed in this book. I will read the third.’ Female reader, age 21 ‘Fab book. Supernatural can be terrible. This wasn’t.’ Male reader, aged 59

Marion C

Loved this second book of the series! The characters quickly grabbed me again and whisked me off to Wales for another dose of dark, thrilling adventure. Several twists in there that I didn't see coming, and more of Kim's lovely descriptive language, drawing me in. Many chores were put on hold while I read "just another chapter" ... which inevitably turned into more than one every time! Looking forward to Part 3!

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