I live a dangerous life which is to say I have an artery-clogging, deskbound job as a marketing manager for a global technology company compounded by a writing habit which leads to me spending even more hours chained to my PC.  To counteract this I practice Shotokan karate, yoga and also run (slowly).  The latter is done more as an exercise in weight management than for enjoyment although it does have the additional benefit of providing time to work on my storylines.  However, the further I run the more bad tempered I become.  As a consequence my plotting becomes increasingly evil and my characters have to suffer far worse predicaments than if I stayed at home and ate chocolate.


I have always been a compulisve reader, particularly of fantasy and science fiction.  André Norton, Tolkien, Ursula LeGuin… as a child I devoured their books as fast as I discovered them on the library shelves.  Barbara Hambly is a particular favourite of mine.  I enjoy her vivid descriptions and strong characters.  I relish Kipling for his language and the rhythm of his words. Ted Hughes is another favourite poet. 


My own writing style has been described variously as dark, gripping, descriptive and eloquent.  Most of my work contains a strong paranormal or fantasy element, often woven into contemporary settings. 

I live in mid-Wales with my husband and our cat.  I love travelling, people watching and animals of all shapes and sizes and can no more imagine spending a day without writing than I could a day without breathing.





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