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The Demon's Call - Reader Reviews

Erika M

Just read the first chapter over tea and toast and bitterly regretting having to be out shortly on business for the rest of the day.
Tucking myself away tomorrow with The Demon's Call and lots more tea and a do not disturb notice.
Love what I've read so far and so excited to have discovered a new local author.

Sean R

Really enjoyed this 1st outing for Aiden, Gwyn and Eldritch. Loved how the story grew and grew and cannot wait for 2nd installment. Really enjoyed how characters came together and how the Demon came in to the story. Really good.


‘The Demon’s Call’ is written in a very intelligent and descriptive style. The tension begins on the first page and doesn't let up. Aiden and Gwyn are interesting characters, the more I read – the more I wanted to know about them. Who is the mysterious stranger, Eldritch? He certainly isn't who he claims to be. What is he up to? Can Aiden and Gwyn work it out before it’s too late? I don’t want to spoil it for you by giving too much away. It is a great read. I have no hesitation in recommending it. Be warned though it is not a book to read late at night, especially if you are alone.
This thrilling book is the first in the Dark places sequence. I will be reading the second part, ‘Child of the covenant’, as soon as it is published, as I NEED to know what happens next.


It's not my normal choice to read a book about demons and supernatural forces but I really enjoyed it. The author takes time to develop the characters - including the cats. I've got quite a soft spot for YAC (Yard Away Cat, who always sits just out of reach).
I've been a few times to the area in Mid-Wales where most of the action is set (albeit in fictional form). And the sense of place and the part that the landscape plays is very well evoked. Looking forward to the next one.

Kelly D

I’ve finally got around to reading it and it is awesome!! I’m struggling to put it down … even hoping my train journeys go slower so I can digest a few sentences more before I have to get off! Already planning on purchasing the sequel and I’m only halfway through!


This is a great book. It very quickly grabs your attention and then won't let go; somewhat like the demon at the heart of the story. There are elements of magic, witchcraft, demonology, healing, and even martial arts - all woven together into a compelling whole and set in and under the Welsh countryside. When you get to the end of this book you will definitely be itching to get hold of the next instalment in 'Child of the Covenant'.


Very dark start to the book where the main characters friend commits suicide, but when the story got going I could not put this book down. As Aidan looks for answers for his friend's suicide he comes up against witchcraft, the possibility demons exist. If you enjoy reading supernatural stories I recommend this book. Loved following the main characters and the story kept me guessing till the end. Looking forward to carrying on the story in the next book child of the covenant. Really enjoyed the setting in the Welsh valleys.

Marion C

I wouldn't usually lean towards a book mentioning Demons and with this kind of cover, or even be persuaded by the blurb on the cover. But it was My book, and my husband was itching to read it before I'd even had a chance, so I got stuck in.
Once I started it, I found it really hard to put it down.
The thoughtful development of the characters, the beautiful descriptions and intelligent use of language, the build up of the plot, which was full of suspense - I enjoyed them all.
Looking forward to the next book now.

Richard W

I read the Demon's Call (finally) while on holiday recently and I really enjoyed it. I then handed it over to my wife who disappeared behind it for a couple of days and then immediately downloaded and read the sequel. So I think you can call both books successes!

Ruth B

This is a fabulous book, the descriptive writing is excellent. The characters are colourful and interesting and the story is thrilling without being gory. I just can't wait for the next instalment.

Deborah D

Gravell writes beautifully about the Welsh landscape and folklore, and she brings a dash of humor to ease the tension!

Gravell is a fellow Indie Author, and while dialog and punctuation are different from what you're accustomed to [KG note, the reviewer is American], you'll get the hang of it. The characters are likeable, and the writing is perfectly eerie.

Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Scary and fast-paced. A Red Ribbon winner and highly recommended.


‘Plenty of mystery to this supernatural thriller. The writing style is strong with a good balance of pace and descriptive prose.’ Female reader, aged 42


‘Very enjoyable read let down slightly by a poor cover. The author works well building up suspense right until the very last page. A promising start.’ Male reader, aged 19


‘I was put off by the cover. There must be a thousand books with a big, scary eye on the front. Anyway, the story is excellently plotted and I really got behind the characters. Scary in parts, I will now hunt out book two; I like ’scary’.’ Female reader, aged 52


‘If you enjoy magic and witchcraft, particularly of the demonic kind, this will probably be for you.’ Male reader, aged 61

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