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To Pay for the Crossing

To Pay for the Crossing

Eldritch's wife has just returned from the dead ... and that's not necessarily a good thing.

No one recovers from demonic possession. As a wizard, Marcus Eldritch understands that better than most. He knew his wife was dead from the moment she was taken as a host; even if her body was being kept alive in a London clinic. But now, two years later, Helen has woken from her coma. Is it the miracle that Eldritch had never dared hope for or are there darker forces at work?

When Eldritch disappears, shortly after returning to London, his friends - Gwyn, Aidan and Jane - are drawn into a desperate race to uncover the truth. What they find is an entity more dangerous than any they have faced before ... and this time there are two of them.

Book Three of the Dark Places sequence.

"A damn good book. Gripping and totally absorbing."

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