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Fast-paced paranormal adventures set against a backdrop of the rugged Welsh landscape. 

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The Demon's Call

It was the smell of blood that told Aidan Morgan he had arrived too late...

Aidan Morgan doesn't believe in demons . . . but he's about to find out the hard way how wrong he is.
After his best friend's death Aidan finds himself searching for the truth behind a local legend but the answers he finds are far from reassuring. An ancient evil is on the verge of breaking free and if he can't find a way to stop it then all hell will break loose in his little corner of mid-Wales.


Book One of the Dark Places sequence.

"Thrilling, unputdownable storytelling."

Child of the Covenant

You want to know what it will be like if the Demon takes a host?  It will be as though the sun has gone out...


Aidan and Gwyn have formed an uneasy alliance with modern-day wizard Eldritch.  The stakes are raised when it becomes apparent that someone else is working to bring about the demon's manifestation and that they are prepared to kill in order to succeed.

When one of the trio is critically injured, the other two must face a terrible choice if they are to defeat the demon.

Book Two of the Dark Places sequence, Child of the Covenant concludes the story started in The Demon's Call. 

Deep, dark, twisting and turning - a real "can't put it down" book!!

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