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To Pay for the Crossing - Reader Reviews

Joan S

A damn good book.  last night I finished the last chapter of the book which has been a great read. I’ve enjoyed going to bed and reading it night after night. -  and tonight I don’t know what I am going to do. I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms!  Hope you’ve made a start on another one.  Seriously I have found it gripping and totally absorbing.

Maggie F-R

So it 4.20am and I have closed the book.

I was at the end.

I couldn't sleep because I was totally enthralled by it, love the characters, the pace, the story.

Kim Gravell thank you so much ❤️ for two sleepless nights, it was totally worth it.

I am going to to be stuck for reading material of this amazing level for a while, put pen to paper and write more

Deborah S

Finished the very big book at 3am. Just one of those that you can’t put down. Scary, exciting and a couple of rather surprising steamy chapters that you might well need a cold shower after reading. Yep, this is the best ever. Bravo Kim Gravell. Looking forward to the next one!

Elizabeth C

A fabulous 3rd book which could easily be read on its own although obviously, for better enjoyment, should be read in order. Unfortunately I had to go to work in between readings, which actually allowed me to occasionally catch my breath and move off the edge of my seat.
The story moves along at a fast lick and I was completely immersed in the characters and what was happening to them.
Sadly the book finished and while thankfully we aren't left hanging with any unfinished plots, it is surely just nicely ready to move into the next one - please?

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